I. Introduction
  II. Reporting Problems
 III. Obtaining the Source
  IV. Compiling and Installing
   V. Example Usage
  VI. Notes for Maintainers

I. Introduction

This package was developed to provide a set of tools to assist in fullfilling
requests for data and in performing maintenance on LDAP servers.  When applicable,
the command line switches for the OpenLDAP tools were used in this package.

II. Reporting Problems

Please report problems regarding this package using the SourceForge Tracker.
The Tracker page for this project is available here:

If the Tracker is too confusing, time consuming, detailed, arbitrary,
ridiculous, chaotic, organized, purlple, "I don't speak your crazy
moon-language."; send the request to:

III. Obtaining the Source

This project is hosted on SourceForge.  The source code can be downloaded from
the following web page:

The latest source code can be retieved from Git using one of the the
following commands:

	git clone git://
	git clone git://

The package should be copied to a directory called `ldap-utils' which contains
the latest development source.

IV. Compiling and Installing

This project uses GNU Autoconf, GNU Automake, and GNU Libtool in order to ease
porting source across multiple platforms.  As of this writing the source was 
known to compile for the following platforms:

	Apple OS X 10.5.1
	Slackware Linux 11.0
	FreeBSD 4.9 (With GNU Getopt)
	Windows XP SP2

The easist way to compile the source on a Unix platform is to run the

	gzip -cd ldap-utils-x.x.x.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
	cd ldap-utils-x.x.x
	make install

For more information on building and installing using configure, please read
the INSTALL file.

V. Example Usage

Anonymous query that sorts using the "sn" attribute:
   $ ldap2csv -H ldap:// -b ou=People,,o=internet \
      -S sn '(mail=*)' sn givenname mail workPhone

Authenticated query:
   $ ldap2csv -H ldap:// -b ou=People,,o=internet \
      -D 'uid=admin,ou=People,o=internet' -w password \
      '(mail=*)' sn givenname mail workPhone

VI. Notes for Maintainers

Updating gettext:
   $ ./configure 
   $ (cd po; make update-po) 
   $ make distclean

Updating Github:
   $ git remote
   $ git push github master

Creating MinGW toolchain:

Creating Windows Binaries from OS X:
   $ export PATH=/usr/local/i386-mingw32/bin:${PATH}
   $ ./configure --host=i386-mingw32 --prefix=/tmp/ldap-utils \
      --enable-strictwarnings --enable-dependency-tracking
   $ make
   $ rm -fR /tmp/ldap-utils
   $ make install-strip
   $ cd /tmp/ldap-utils/bin
   $ ls -l

End of Document